Hello and thank you so much for stopping by my page! My name is Alexandra (but you can call me Allie) and I am the creative mind behind Alexandra Overgaard Art + Design.

I am originally from Northern New Jersey, but relocated to the small, but mighty, state of Delaware over seven years ago with my husband Sergio, (now three) kids, and our dog, Coco. I am currently based in Middletown and freelance all over the Delaware/ New Jersey/ Philadelphia/ Baltimore areas.  I am always looking for new spaces to transform and will travel. 


My passion is bringing businesses, restaurants, walls, surfaces and spaces of all sizes to life by producing unique hand painted murals, functional menus and other carefully designed pieces.  I take pride in making sure each project I do is of the highest quality and that my clients are satisfied, not just with the final product, but with the process it took to get there.

What if you already have a design, you ask, but just need someone to paint it?  I’m also your lady, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!  Have wall, will paint, I like to say, and remember, “Always Hand Paint!”

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